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With our wide range of services, we cater for different business needs for different level of business interests in Papua New Guinea,

  1. Short term visitor
  2. Those looking for establishment of business
  3. Existing Business houses

1. Services for Short Term Visitor

Logistic Support

Using our extensive network around the country & experience as a tour operator, we will assist your logistics in Papua New Guinea.

  • Hotel Booking with corporate discount rates
  • Chauffeur Drive (Vehicle hire with driver)
  • Air Ticket Booking

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Fleet of vehicles
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Hotel Room

2. Services for those looking for establishment of business

New Application of Work Permit/Visa Support

Jpn_pp.jpg - 11587 BytesIt is a requirement for the foreign workers to have Work Permit & Working Resident Visa while in Papua New Guinea. Yet it is very time consuming and a tiring job to get the Permit/Visa.

We, as registered Work Permit/Visa Agency can do it all for you without hustle of bustle of calling, visiting and waiting at long queue at government offices.

Download New Work Permit Application (PDF)

Rep Office Services

While you are setting up business, or for those trying to save cost than renting an expensive office space, we can act as Rep office in Papua New Guinea for you.

The basic package includes

  • Individual phone number
  • Individual postal address.
  • General Rep office activity–attending general enquiries and forwarding the mail/messages, setting up appointment, attending meeting etc..
  • Monthly activity report with PNG Business/Society News

Company/Business Registration

Image---IPA-Registration.jpg - 11412 BytesWhen you try to start up a business, it is important for you to register a company without delay.

With our network with government offices, we will assist you for a swift establishment of company in Papua New Guinea.

3. Services for Existing Business houses

Renewal Application of Work Permit/Visa Support

With our network with government agencies, we will give you fast & cost effective services for renewal of permit & visa.

Download Renewal of Work Permit Application (PDF)

IRC & IPA Annual Return

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It is a requirement of registered company in Papua New Guinea to Lodge IRC (tax) & IPA (company) return every year.

We do P/L statement, Balance sheet and lodge annual IRC & IPA return with affordable cost.

Importing Vehicle to PNG

It is very expensive to purchase a car in Papua New Guinea.

Used sedan vehicle costs K35,000 (US$14,000) or more. The solution for the cost is to do a “personal import”.

This way, you can get a better condition vehicle at around K17,000 (US$7,000), almost half the price. On the other hand, you need to run around from shipping agency, Internal Revenue Commission, to Department of Transport etc.. until you get the vehicle on the road.

As a customer support agent of Pick & Buy 24 in Papua New Guinea, we have been assisting many customers who have purchased and imported the vehicle into Papua New Guinea.

With our support, all you need to do is to choose the vehicle and make a payment. After 5 -6 weeks (subject to shipping schedule), we will deliver you the vehicle you have ordered. Importing vehicle to PNG has never been so easy.

Download Vehicle Order Form (PDF)

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